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Playground of the Gods

Click here for the Simien mountains national park map

"The most marvelous of all Abyssinian landscapes opened before us,


as we looked across the gorge that was like clouded amethyst to the peaks of the Simiens.


A thousand years ago, when the old gods reigned in Ethiopia,


they must have played chess with those stupendous crags, for we saw bishop's miters


cut in lapis lazuli, castles with the ruby of approaching sunset on their turrets, an emerald knight


where the forest crept up on to the rock, and, far away. a king, crowned with sapphire,


and guarded by a row of pawns. When the gods exchanged their games for shield and buckler


to fight the new men clamoring at their gates, they turned the pieces of their chessboard in mountains.


In Simien they stand enchanted, till once again the world is pagan and the titans and the earth gods


lean down from the monstrous cloud banks to wager a star or two on their sport."


(Rosita Forbes, 1925. From Red Sea to Blue Nile-A Thousand Miles of Ethiopia.)

The Simiens are the most rugged mountains on the African continent, their natural beauty concurs the harts of every

visitor to this remote and unique national park

The Simien Mountains Massif is one of the major highlands of Africa, rising to the highest point in Ethiopia, Ras Dejen (4,620m), which is the fourth highest peak in the continent. Although in Africa, and not too far from the equator, snow and ice appear on the highest points, and night temperatures often fall below zero.

The Simien Mountains, north of Gondar, provide an excellent trekking area with a good infrastructure of equipment provision and guide facilities in place.

This park has spectacular views and a large variety of wildlife, including baboons, ibexes, Ethiopian wolves and birds of prey such as the rare lammergeyer, a huge vulture. The park is made up of a rocky massif, which slopes down to grasslands - the massif is cut by streams and gorges. The national park has three general botanical regions. The lower slopes have been cultivated and grazed, while the alpine regions (up to 3600m) are forested. The higher lands are mountain grasslands with fescue grasses as well as heathers, splendid Red Hot Pokers and Giant Lobelia. The park was created primarily to protect the Walia Ibex, a type of wild goat, and over 1000 are said to live in the park. Also in the park are families of the Gelada Baboon and the rare Simien fox. The Simien fox, although named after the mountains, is rarely seen by the visitor. Over 50 species of birds have been reported in the Simien mountains.

Access to the park is from Debareq, 101km from Gondar, where riding and pack animals may be hired.

Dinknesh tours organize trekking, mountain climbing and horse riding tours to the Simien mountains

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